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Windows 8 Cant Drag & Drop songs from Folder Directory but will elsewhere

I have MixMeister 7.4.4
I just recently purchased a windows 8 laptop. I have MixMeister running great except that if I have anything in a folder that is not in the MixMeister Library Directories it will show up as a No Drop sign.
So if I have my phone plugged in and try to drag a song from the phone over to the playlist, it will not let me. I have to add my phone as a library directory in MixMeister and search for new songs. Pain in the Butt when just wanting 1 song into the playlist.
The strangest thing is this..... I have a program called "Everything". it is a substring style search everything quick response search tool (amazing little tool faster than windows search option). If I use this search instead of the File Explorer, then the same song that didnt drag and drop from the File Explorer will drag and drop from that program. What is the difference?
All that program does is search so i dont understand the difference.

Can someone please check this out?
I have tried right clicking on a song and Open With, hunted down the location of Mixmeister "Fusion" exe but that did nothing. I mean nothing.
Too bad MixMeister doesnt have a true update made for Windows 8 like an app. so i can have MixMeister as the Default player for any music files.

Out of many dj programs I have tried, MixMeister is STILL the best for me.

Also If anyone out there knows a program that can have press buttons for sound effects would be great. I dj many weddings and having something that I can do immediate sound effect when pressed would make it perfect. The kind that you press it once plays the song or effect and press again to shut off unless song or effect ends.
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