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Photo of Adrian
Background battery usage
I've fairly recently upgraded to a new handset (Sony Xperia Z3 Compact) running Android 5.0.2, which provides quite detailed breakdown of...
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Photo of adia adams
Typing & Spacing Errors...
In only one particular note, when I type the letters would spread to the next lines and go back when I type the next work. It's only happ...
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Photo of Ted Sherer
'undo' text erase feature
Is there a way to undo erases? I sometimes accidentally erase part of a note I made. I used to use AK notepad, which had 'undo' capabilit...
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Photo of Harald
Change email/username
Hi there, i want to delete my actual email account. How can i change the relational email account of my mobisle notes account???
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Photo of Ellis
Sync Issues
Have installed latest Android version and am syncing to your web account, not Google. Two problems. First, I have five notes on my mobile...
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