Extremely Disappointing Results

I really like the idea of this website, however, you are no where near the kind of service that would make people willing to actually PAY for it. There are so many websites like this that give you far more information for no money. The 20 free credits by joining is a good idea, but your not going to get customers if you dont WOW them. your responses need to be WAY longer, more detailed, and ALOT more accurate. the 2 searches i did came out at least 50% completely off, sometimes stating things that were the complete opposite of reality. Ive been to other websites that are way more accurate than this one. By a long shot. To be honest, your website is a disappointment and if you really want to make money off of it your going to need to do a lot better.
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  • D-Love (Official Rep) August 02, 2011 19:01
    Hi Daniela,

    As a start-up, we're really grateful for this kind of user feedback! We're working hard to improve the Moonit product and overall user experience every single day.

    If you have a second, please reply back letting us know:
    1) What astro site(s) are you finding to be accurate and affordable?
    2) What were the birth date combinations that you felt were inaccurate on Moonit?

    We're the only astro compatibility provider that has a feedback loop built into our site. Over 70% of our users feel we're spot on or directionally right. For the other 30%, we're using their feedback to refine the algorithm and make Moonit smarter.

    So any add'l info that can help us is much appreciated!

    Meanwhile, pls note that you can earn credits by completing free offers or by sharing your results, so there are definitely ways to get around ever paying.

    Thanks again!!
    CEO, Moonit
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