Troubles with finding products

I can't find the product I'm looking for from the product category drop down. What should I do?
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  • Not able to find the product you're looking for from the Product Category drop down? There may be a few of reasons why you're having problems finding a product. To start with, some of Marksman's product categories do not match up perfectly with what a certain investor may call the same product. However, there is a convenient and easy to use tool for this. From the Rates page click on 'product cross reference' on the left hand margin. You can search by two filters; Investor and Product Category. By selecting investor, you can search through all the products Marksman supports for a particular investor. You then can compare the Product Category (what we're calling the product in Marksman) to the Investor's Product Name (what the investor is naming the same product on their rate sheet). Now you should be able to match up and find the product you need in the 'product category' drop down list. If you still aren't able to locate a product after searching through the product cross reference guide, it is either one of two issues. One, the product that you're looking for is not offered by any investor in your account or Marksman does not support that product. Second, your account administrator does not have the product listed as an available product in your Company's Marksman account.
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