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Is it possible to lock the mouse cusor to only one screen?
Is it possible to lock the mouse cusor to only one screen? This is useful when working near the edge of the screen. Synergy uses the scro...
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Wanted: Progress bar, cancel transfer
I would like to see progress bar of files you are copying over and an option to cancel/pause/resume the transfers.
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security key is limited and annoying
1) the security key needs numbers, which it doesn't need in the first dialogue, so you can start up the system halfway and then you have ...
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Configurable to work when a machine is on a VPN
It should be configurable to work when 1 machine in on a VPN. I currently work on 3 machines where 2 machines are logged into different V...
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Supported OSes
Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows Server 2008 Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 (to be) The sam...
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Can two computers share a third machine?
I have a setup at work where Two Dispatchers Share a Monitoring Station which sits between them. Each Dispatch computer has two screens ...
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VPN woes.
Have a coding challenge for this product. I maintain a VPN connection to work on one of my systems. The configuration on that machine r...
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