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Switch screens, switch the desktop with a other desktop screen.
(auto set the resolution correctly for the display)
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Would be FANTASTIC to integrate it with a Screen Sharing/RDC. If I've got my laptop in a meeting, I can hold down the Windows key and Right-Arrow, which pulls up the screen of that monitor (my Desktop), just like I'm RDC'd into it. Very similiar experience to Mac "Spaces", but it's just in-line RDC since you are already logged into both computers! You guys have already done most of the work!
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With one display, would be fantastic to manage our servers...
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Sounds same as this idea: http://getsatisfaction.com/mouse_with... ("Wanted: Add video")

I'm guessing this isn't likely to be added as it's duplicating Remote Desktop, which is already built into Windows? I imagine transmitting real-time screen images is much more network intensive than just keyboard strokes + mouse movements, so it needs to be compressed and optimised as RDP does.

Anything I've missed that Remote Desktop (RDP) doesn't handle?
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I'd also like to see video support. I'd like to see this as an option to be enabled per PC.

System A: Workstation with Monitor
System B: Workstation with Monitor
System C: Media Player PC (uses TV as a monitor when playing back a movie ONLY)
System D: File Server w/o Monitor

In this setup I'd like to be able to see Screen C in cases where System C is just being administered w/o TV set on (so I would toggle the Video feature when needed) and I'd leave it on permanently for the server.


Add another option regarding dynamic resolution switching while you're at it - I don't like that very much, so I'd most likely prefer scrolling / zooming.
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@psdie - True, but nothing's changed on RDC recently, and this would be a VAST improvement. And it's already only over wifi network, and with N wifi (about a standard), bandwidth shouldn't be an issue.

It really would be a "Compute Anywhere" model that everything is moving to. I like!!
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How about this...

If you hover your mouse over the edge of a screen this is "virtual border" between two windows for a few seconds, then a graphical border appears that allows you to drag it onto your current screen. Once part of the border is showing, there could also be a graphical "rope" area along the top and/or bottom of the remote screen area that allows you to continue to "pull" the remote screens across the current screen, until the window fills the full width of the current screen. The remote screen would be resized, with an option to go full-screen.

If there were more screens past and farther than the one you were "pulling" over, you could keep "pulling" until you got to the screen you wanted.

For instance, suppose you had 4 PC's:

[A] [B] [C] [D]

If you were on PC "C", you could hover your mouse against the left-side of the screen, and after a few seconds a border/rope would appear. The more you drag the border to the right on PC "C", the more of the right-hand of PC "B"'s screen would appear. If you continue to pull the "rope" at the top of the window displaying PC "B"'s screen you would come to the left side of PC "B"'s screen, and if you continue to pull to the right you would start to see the right-hand part of PC "A"'s screen show up. As you continue to pull to the right, then you would eventually get to the left-hand side of PC "A"'s screen, and you would no longer be able to pull to the right.

You could also hover your mouse over the right-hand side of PC "C"'s screen, and a border would appear. As you drag it to the left, the left-hand side of PC "D"'s screen would start to appear, and the more you drug the border or pulled the "rope" across the top to the left, the more of PC "D"'s screen you would see until it filled the width of PC "C"'s display.

And, if you get this working, then dragging/sharing individual windows across PC's ( http://getsatisfaction.com/mouse_with... ) shouldn't be much of a stretch.
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Noah, I love this idea and it's a great extension to the mouse without borders application. In addition to the rope idea, I would like to see a hotkey combination that would put any controlled computer on a users designated main screen. The main screen is the "big screen" or "presentation screen". In setup the user designates the primary monitor. Pressing hotkey + A puts the screen from computer A on the primary monitor. Pressing hotkey + B immediately puts the screen from computer B on the primary monitor.
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I like the idea of having the option of selecting hotkeys to toggle between computers (I'd like to use Spacebar+tab)
that way once on a desktop you can use alt+tab quickly to jump between windows.
Truong, if you have trouble setting this up I think we could write an autohotkey script that could do it but it would be circuitous.
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Great ideas. Consider this use case:

Work environment with VPN access. While at work:

1) Work Station PC
2) Laptop PC

Works seamlessly.

Take Laptop offsite (VPNed of course) or to a meeting within the firewall. Same deal:

The Work Station is still "there" but you obviously can't see it. The mouse goes there but it's really hard to see what it's doing :-)

Yes, I know this is where RDT comes in but it's just one more thing to configure, launch, etc. Besides, Corporate policy typically disables user's RDT, but they don't know about MWB!
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Have you tried to 'split tunnel' in the VPN. I finally had to hardcode my home machine in the VPN'ed machine using the IP mapping, and then it worked.
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"Corporate policy typically disables user's RDT, but they don't know about MWB! "

Maybe that's a good reason to NOT expand MWB - if it becomes known as a way to bypass RDT and a security hole, Corporate may ban MWB as well.

That doesn't mean that there would be no niche for a different program which combined MWB and RDT functionality. Some would choose (or be allowed to choose) the higher functioning program.

But MWB could continue to be seen as "safer" and thus no trigger a new policy.
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Good point:)


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I have a nice large screen at work attached to the work PC. The work laptop has a small 14 inch screen. It would be very helpful if we could get both the PC and laptop to display on the LARGE monitor (hence one monitor for both PC and laptop). With this setup, the desk space is saved because I can move the laptop anywhere else and still be able to view its screen on the larger monitor. Plus it is better ergonomically.