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Photo of emerusE
Small Border on the top
First its an absolut great tool. Just one small issue (for me) is missing: To exit a window I often just push mouse to upper right, witho...
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Photo of skymeatS
Network Overhead?
How much extra bandwidth am I going to generate with two computers hooked up?
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Photo of Daniel Davidson
One way communication please!
Really need an option to lock out a connected machines keyboard and mouse or stop them from having the ability to take over the host mach...
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Photo of Allen C.AC
VPN woes.
Have a coding challenge for this product. I maintain a VPN connection to work on one of my systems. The configuration on that machine r...
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Photo of SimonS
Tray-Menu control
I would appreciate if the Exit-Button would be placed at the bottom (not at top) of the context menu as nearly every other Tray-Icon is l...
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