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Google command

I really like ubiquity, and i could not imagine my browser without it. One thing which bugs me is the simple "Google" command. Because it matters where you are in the world for what u are looking for. E.g in the UK we use instead of simply because of currency issues and etc. I feel like u should change the google command to;
google 500 gb hard drive at UK (for etc.

best regards and thanks for a outstanding product
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  • I want the same. I've stumbled upon a case where I've put rather straightforward 'map regent street' command into ubiquity, and got back a map of some city in the US instead. I've manually changed the URL from to, and bang! - got Regent Street in London straight on my screen...

    Ubiquity should allow some kind of localisation (as an option, I imagine) to handle such cases...
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