No walmart upload photos on PC

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I Can't upload photos to walmart site, walmart say only with firefox 1.3
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This is a Wal-Mart issue, not a Firefox issue. I suppose one could spoof the browser version with no adverse effects, but this is not the most easily done.
I also need help. I have been uploading pix with Walmart for 3 years now with the same camera and I haven't had any problems. Now I have bought a 6 GIG Windows Vista HP computer and I can't seem to upload properly. If I upload 20 photos 8 of those will say "photo failed". When I look at the photo in my folder all is fine and I can even print it. What is going on? I have used Firefox but it doesn't sove my problem. I have dismantled my security and firewalls and this doesn't help either. I have all JPEG pix. I have the current Java download. I checked my sister-in-law's Toshiba Windows Vista and it works for her with no "photo failed". I am very frustrated and I don't know what to do anymore. I am in contact with Walmart technicians that have suggested the above. Why would some pictures upload and some not??? I have even uploaded previously uploaded pictures that uploaded very well with my old computer and it says "photos failed" for some of those as well which did not happen with my old computer. I would appreciate any ideas from anybody. Thanks!