official addon site does not have an easy 'go to own comments' button

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ff's official addon site does not have an easy 'go to own comments' button of some sort. neither on addons' pages nor on own/any profile. unless you want to go through pages of reviews(and then extensive ctrl+f), you need to add a comment(+rating) there and then.

=============read on for boredom/suggestions/indepth info. don't have to though==

one is particularly unhelpful when getting replies from developers--even when you've specifically bookmarked(and tagged) the page. the other throws off credibility of the addon and possibly adds to the spam.

maybe if ratings were 'set' for each user and you can only ever contribute one rating per addon? ie. 1st time you came you voted 3 stars, after a bit of time, next time you 'review' it, you've had some time to get to know it, not-be-able-to-live-without-it, and therefore hit the rating up to 4.
before you changed the rating, there'd been 5 ppl who'd voted 3 or 4. with the change: 3star=4ppll; 4star=6 ppl. =))

next/actual main 'question'..
i can't believe this still hasn't been implemented yet..but seeing how just below certain 'reviews', there is a little
A)'click to show' link: 'show developer reply' or
B) 'this user has {x number(click)} other reviews'.
..then there is the huge empty space on the page of 'all reviews for this addon'. beyond the vertical graphs and numbers, avg ratings, developer/bio/addon/ picture+name, --surely a same link A) could be easily implemeted into some place there?

for B)...uh...same place? blank space is Very blank.. X)

---> this or/and:
profile page. with its long(and notably limited) list of 'previous reviews'
maybe something like this...
balhblah info

*Extension name -- [B) but more like 'show all Your previous reviews (for this addon)']
[A) but maybe more like 'developer has replied!(click here)]

thank you for read =) am all ranted out.. so what you think? anybody else annoyed by this? or am i just blind and there's already some fix/never was such an error??

PduhS: yes i have tried disabling adblock =w=;;
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