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Photo of Clancy Kohl
Ubiquity Causing Ping Spikes
Ubiquity seems to cause Ping spikes, these occur roughly every 5 seconds and increase the ping in my case from 1-2ms to around 3000ms whi...
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On my Macbook is a plugin H264-videocodec. As I do'nt use this plugin I want to remove this rule. However, I do'nt know how this to do. P...
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Photo of T
can't read my sent messages
I can read all my outlook imported sent messages, but with firefox, after I send a message, there is nothing in the sent box, no text, no...
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Photo of k
Why is my Firefox 3 so slow??
Why is my Firefox3 so slow? I have all the updates, did a full virus and spyware scan (everything was clean), and yet it takes at least a...
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