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I’m excited

A label system like Gmail -with new features

Gmail is my favority e-mail , and I like to see all features on the thunderbird.
1.Change the name TAG to LABEL
2..See labels with colors like gmail (with color font customize like labs from gmail). Like a folder (see the screenshot )
3.Labels to manage inside pop and imap account (or another new technology to improve). For I that i want to get my labels where I go (to promote API for that )
4.To each account use diferent labels (gmail don't have yet I think)

To "columns" (exemple: subject,from, date..."label")
5. Use labels with colors like gmail (see on the screenshot)
6. Set to default installation this order to columns:
[messages treads][star][from or sent][read] ["LABEL"] [subject][attachments][junk][time]

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