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I’m Frustrated and Infuriated at the presumptuous way things seem to change themselves randomly, not least in Thunderbird.

Accessing my inbox when opening Thunderbird

I am unable now to access my inbox. Instead Thunderbird when clicked has started to offer an intrusive page with headings 'Emails-Newsgroups-Feeds-Accounts' (and subheadings Read messages-Write a new message-Junk mail settings....Manage newsgroup subscriptions-Junk mail settings (again)....Manage Subscriptions...View settings for this account-Create a new account.)

None of these gives me access to my inbox, even though 'go straight to inbox' is the correct setting for my Outlook/Outlook Express> Clicking on Thunderbird previously went straight to my inbox.
This leaves me completely unable (it seems) to access/read my inbox, in which I keep/preserve most of my incoming emails.

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