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I’m confused

Cant Receive Emails with Thunderbird 3 after Upgrade

I use Thunderbird as my email client at work to send/receive emails.
I have 2 email a/c one from our local mail (intra-net) and another for pop mail (.com)
I recently upgraded to Thunderbird 3 for testing, but after upgrading i can only send emails but i cant receive any emails from none of the email a/c. all the emails stays on the email server, whenever i press get messages its says " no messages"
When i revert back to Thunderbird 2 i can send and receive emails...
Anyone have any idea what could be the problem ?
i haven't touched the email settings i just upgrade, install and reinstall Thunderbird
I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 64bit and i also tried the same profile & settings
on Windows XP in virtual box an its the same issue..

Any ideas whats causing the problem?
i Really would like to continue using the new Thunderbird 3

Thanks in advance
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