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Could Not Connect to server; the connection was refused

This started either yesterday or the day before. I have two profiles, both of which have not had any problems whatsoever receiving mail (though with one of the accounts I am unable to send mail; have to sign-in online & send that way; this has been going on for well over a year). I now get the error mentioned above. The weird thing is that if I sign into my account online, wait a little bit, I am then able to download the messages for that account into Thunderbird.


1. service provider
2. email protocol- POP
3. server
port number- 995,
Secure Connection- SSL checked
Outgoing Server (SMTP)-, port 465, SSL checked, use name & password

4. operating system- Vista
Thunderbird version- version (20090812)
5. add-ons/extensions you have installed- mail tagger 1.7, Smartsave Thunderbird Extension, Talkblock 2.00.09, Thunderplunger 1.2, Xpunge 0.3

6. what you did - disabled add-ons (no effect)/restarted Thunderbird (no effect), can log into email account online no problem.

7. Additional annoying problems: I have an extensive array of folders & subfolders due to the way I keep track of sales/shipping on ebay. I do alot of moving & renaming of folders. For example, I list 10 magazines...I have a folder labeled magazines with each magazine numbered 1 to 10 in the folder (01 Life 6/36, 02 Life 7/36, etc)...when an ebay sale is made, I create a new folder based on the buyers email & the first item, (of potentially many)...i.e. 01 razmaz@ 1 Mag, 02 lalala@ 4 mags, etc....I then drag & drop the magazine folders they have won into their respective folders...when they pay & the order is shipped, the folder is renamed again to incorporate the date the order was shipped...i.e. 111909 razmaz@ 1's the first problem...once I create a folder I cannot rename it all unless I first move it to another location o/w wise I get this error "The folder could not be renamed. Perhaps the folder is being reparsed, or the new name is not a valid folder name." The 2nd annoying problem related to this is if I drag & drop a folder into another folder, close Thunderbird, then restart it, there will be a similarly name folder recreated in the place the folder was dragged...example 99 Rabbit Ears #2 might become something like 99 Rabbit Ears #2e693bm. When I reopen the program, I have to delete the duplicate folder with the gibberish. This problem may be related to one of the add-ons above as since I disabled all of them, I could not recreate the problem.
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