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I’m frustrated

Crashed Thunderbird - missing e-mails?

I have used Thunderbird for many years and my computer is dated at 5 years old. So I knew I need to upgrade.

Menawhile I noticed that I could not always send or forward existing e-mails. I thought I would lessen the burden on my e-mail account by deleting my "Sent" files that included many picture attachments. Well when I hit delete, it turns out there were over 1000 e-mails in my Sent folder. Of course that seemed to freeze my e-mail account. Later, after noticing the sent files were gone, I went to delete the 250 e-mails in my Trash folder. I thought I did so successfully but then they would reappear.

Finally, I played with the "Compact Folders" utililty and today when I opened Thunderbird e-mail account, it did not look the same. In fact, all of my e-mails but a single one in my inbox from 2009 were gone. When I went out to webmail at my internet provider I found 50 new e-mails but they never populated in Thunderbird.

Can I assume that Thunderbird crashed and I lost everything? Can I not retrieve any of those old e-mails? Thanks for any help or suggestions you might offer.
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