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Datafile size - Outlook vs. Thunderbird

I use Dropbox and want to minimize the data file size. With equal amount of email and contacts, does anyone know if Thunderbird has a smaller data file created?
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  • I doubt it. Thunderbird uses text files and outlook uses binary files so outlook should win hands down.

    There are other considerations.
    Outlook is not capable of saving a file any other program can use.
    Thunderbird uses industry standard files.

    Thunderbird will not work well with dropbox. I say that without trying it.
    Outlook probably will not like it either. I don't know of any data intensive application like a mail client that would like having it's data hanging at the end of a really slow connection, and even with cable, you connection to the internet is relatively slow.

    Thunderbird has a portable version because it is open source. Outlook does not.

    Thunderbird is Free... Outlook is not.
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