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I’m frustrated

filters seem to mark messages as read automatically so the folders do not show unread messages

I filter my gmail messages in thunderbird, and move them to specific folders.
However, the folders do not show that there are unread messages in them, the folder name gets bold, but returns to normal after a few seconds.
Also, when I enter the folder then, the new messages have already been marked as read, although I have not opened them.

It seems that thunderbird's mail filters automatically mark a message as read when moving it to a specified directory. I have missed people's replies this way and it's getting annoying.
I googled for this and found similar bug reports in the thunderbird forum, dating from 2007-2009, but I found no fix.

I'm running the newest thunderbird for windows, and have only the minimize-to-tray addon installed (apart from the default addons that come along with installation)

please help?
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