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folders and tagging

The question is for folders and tagging. I as many have quite a number of folders. If an e-mail is tagged “important” it’s plain as day when you are in that folder that there is a e-mail that requires attention. But if you are looking at “all folders” there I’m not aware of a way to see that you have an e-mail in a folder that requires attention. If I’m missing something please advise. If not, please consider making a change, highlight the folder or have it’s color different. Something to draw your attention that you have tagged an e-mail. If this is already a feature, someone please be a teacher !! Thanks Mike
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  • There's a discussion somewhere in here about how to customise Thunderbird, one of the changes discussed there being the re-introduction of the orange star/asterisk on a folder with new email in it.

    Have a look here...

    Apart from that, it's quite easy to switch views using the two little arrows, and the Unified Folders and Unread Folders views will both, each in their own way, lead you to unread messages.

    But tags are another matter may be able to adapt the asterisk coding to trigger on tags too.
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