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Group by sorted: tree collapses for unified folder when switching to single account and back

For quite some time I was wondering about the following phenomenon:
I sort my messages by date with the function: View - Sort by - grouped by sort. This works fine, I can expand the trees "today" - "yesterday" and so on, both in the Unified folder and each of the 3 accounts I am using. But whenever I go into one account, and then switch back to the "unified folder", the folder tree is collapsed again, and I have to open every part again - which can be quite annoying at time when switching back and forth between unified folders and specific folders often.

This phenomenon has survived several updates, so I started wondering if it is rather a feature than a bug - and in this case, how and where could I possibly change it?

Any suggestions are highly appreciated!

Regards, and keep up the good work!
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  • I had the same problem and, after two days of perusing the TB source code, found a way that sort of gets rid of that annoying behaviour. Try it and see if it helps you too:

    1. Install the "Custom Buttons" addon from

    2. Create a Custom Button in your Thunderbird with the following code:


    3. Click the button while in a Unified Folder, e.g. in the Global Inbox.

    On my system (TB 16.0, Custom Buttons, everytime I switch to the Unified View in which I clicked the button, all groups are now expanded by default.

    Note that you can reverse this again by creating a custom button which uses almost the same line of code as above, simply replace "expandAll" by "collapseAll"

    Best solution would be for Thunderbird to remember the state of each group in each Unified Folder, but I haven't found out how to do that and I probably won't try any further. The solution above does it for me as I prefer always-expanded to always-collapsed. HTH, Andreas
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