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How do I unify my sent folders in the Sent Smart Folder?

My Smart Folder "Sent" contains no messages. It displays two subfolders but does not "unify" them. How do I unify my sent folders?
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  • Right click on the unified Sent folder. Select Properties.

    Click the Choose button.

    Check the checkboxes for each of the folders you want to appear within the unified folder. Click OK.

    Make sure Match all Messages is selected.

    Click OK.

    All of the messages from the selected folders should appear.

    That leaves two problems:

    1. How to make this permanent. When i do it it is lost each time the program is exited.

    2. How to make the (unread messages) count track as you read messages within the unified folder.

    Sorry to the authors, but I feel this has been a great step backwards in functionality :(.
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