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I’m frustrated

How to define "unified" folders and subfolders? Where to find info on how to set these up?

I have five email accounts set up on Thunderbird. Four are Gmail and one hotmail. Speaking only of the accounts, the left panel is set up by default with Inbox drafts sent archive junk and trash folders. there are sub folders with each Gmail account. below all these, are individual email accounts. All have a "gmail" folder with a "starred" sub folder. but only one email account has sub folders under gmail with drafts, sent, all mail, spam and tras. WHY? I think I have configured all teh same

I wish to keep sent and draft messages on both my computer and the google email server. I have properly configured the syncronization setting for this

where are all the folder settings controlled?

Why the anomaly above?

How can I add a sent and draft folder to appear under each email account?

A sub issue is : if i save a draft, or save sent messages, where are they stored on Thunderbird? are they stored under "sent" and then the appropriate email account sub-folder? or would they be stored in the email account / gmail/sent subfolder?

where are there instructions for all of this?

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