how to get a delivery status notification (dsn) for every email you send

I would like to receive a receipt for a sent email, indicating that the message has been delivered to the users email account. I'd also like to get a receipt if it was not delivered. Most email clients ask the recipient if they want to send a return receipt. I've found most users choose not to send them, thus defeating the purpose.

From what I understand, DSN may serve this function. If DSN can be used in this way, is it customarily? I've seen the DSN menu option in Thunderbird. If I check that off, shouldn't I be notified of the message's delivery status, or does it depend on the mail server's configuration? If not, is there an alternative?

I guess what I'd like is an email tracking system, akin to what FedEx and UPS use for their physical packages. Know of anything like that?
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