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I’m frustrated

How to remove one of the 2 'Trash' unified folders

I have two trash icons in the Unified Folder section of Thunderbird. I have no idea when or why the second one showed up and can find no way to delete either one.

In their properties/location they are both listed as :mailbox:///C:/Documents and Settings/our name/Application Data/Thunderbird/Profiles/nbng5uxv.default/Mail/Local Folders/Trash

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    I have a similar problem. Running 3.1.10 on Vista. When I start TB, in the Unified Folders view, I have one trash icon with three "subicons" (one for each of the two accounts I have set up, and one for Local Folders). Everything is fine until I empty the trash from one of the subfolders - then either the Trash icon duplicates, or the other "subicons" under Trash (the ones I didn't empty) disappear. And all of them then fail to open, popup a right-click menu, or anything else. I have to restart TB in order to get them to appear. So, if I have trash items in all three subfolders, I have to empty one, restart TB, empty the next one, restart TB, empty the third one, restart TB.

    Also - why no option to empty all the trash at the same time? Even MS Outlook gets that one right.
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