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I can't see my folders!!

I can't see any of my folders on the left side; I only have one account. On the right side of the screen is "Email, Newsgroups, Feeds, and Accounts" with links under each. The only way I can see my folders is to restore my computer to an earlier time.
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    When I upgraded to TB 3.x all the folders I had created disappeared, along with the emails that were in them. Now, whenever I click on the arrows at the top of the Unified Folders list, every email in my inbox gets duplicated. At one time I had 30 copies of every email! After lots of digging I discovered in my profile folder that I have 2 copies of all my standard folders (inbox, sent, trash, etc.) and two copies of all my missing folders in a subfolder called inbox.sbd. One copy has no extension on the filename and the other copy has a .msf extension. I can see that all my old emails are in the files with no extensions due to the huge filesize, but I can't figure out how to retrieve them.
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