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I changed hosts. Can I simply change the connection settings for the existing account or do I have to create a new one?

I changed web hosts and then created a new account in thunderbird for the new host. However, Thunderbird placed the new account outside of Local Folders and thus my folders and filters do not seem to apply to the new account. Further confusing matters is Thunderbird set up the new account as an Imap account (which may very well be appropriate) but the old acount is a POP account. Thus, when I try to compare the interface for each account for the various settings (Server Settings, etc), the UI is not the same. For example, in the old account, if I clicked the advanced button under Server Settings, there was an option for "Global Inbox". This option doesn't exist if I click the advanced button in the new account. What I really want is for Thunderbird to behave just like it did before with regard to the folder tree in the left column, and the folders therein and the filters -- with the only change being that Thunderbird downloads the mail from the new web host instead of the old. How can I achieve that?
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