I’m frustrated

Inbox larger than 4GB. Cannot access contents. Cannot build index.

My inbox grew to 4GB. When I click on it I do not see any of my email. I copied it with another name, deleted the .msf file. But Thunderbird creates an .msf file that is only 2K large and I still cannot see my mails.

I need to cancel automatic building of the index, compact the folder (because I know there are deleted files) and then try to open it. But I cannot compact the folder. It does not give an error but also do not do anything. I think the automatic index build locks this process (because when I say rebuild index TB tells me that there is another process using the folder)

Or I need an external tool to recover the data in the Inbox file or rebuild a valid index. Because TB is not doing it correctly.

P.S. I have enough space on disk (appx 7 GB free)
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