inbox right panel blank

I have a couple PC running Win XP SP-3. They both have FF 3.6.16 and TB
One seems to be running okay. The other had a strange thing happen, a
couple of days ago.
I have set up 2 emails, mine and my wife., though she doesn't use the
Normally, I have in my left panel a folder, 'inbox'. Beneath it are 2 subfolders, one
for each email incoming mail address. With the main folder of 'inbox' selected,
I hit 'get mail' and all mails show up in the right panel, with a
numerical total to the right of the appropriate folder. Example: inbox
(10), me (7), wife (3). The emails all show in the right panel, for each
of the folders.and subfolders, as they should. Selecting mine, I see only my emails. Selecting my wifes, I see only hers and selecting INBOX, I see them all.

The quirk was when I checked for email, later, all the numerical totals
were there and there was nothing in the right panel, for the main inbox
folder. If I selected either of the subfolders, each incoming email was
there and could be read.

The other PC is working fine. If I select the main inbox folder, they
are all there, both mine and my wifes. They also show of under each
subfolder.I have backups of all of it, so I didn't loose anything. What
would cause the right panel to be blank, when viewing the main inbox
folder, but show up okay in each person's subfolder?
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    I followed procedure from another post:

    David Bienvenu, Official Rep, replied 7 months ago
    You deleted the Inbox.msf file from the smart folders directory? Do you have any saved searches that you care about, other than the Unified Folders? If not, you could try this:

    shutdown TB
    delete virtualFolders.dat from the root of your profile directory
    remove the contents of the smart mailboxes directory

    This will rebuild all your unified folders. Again, be sure you have a backup of your profile before doing this.
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