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I’m frustrated

Junk mail settings can't be removed.

Automatic junk mail delete and I can't remove the settings to cancel junk mail.
I used before Outlook Express 6, but when I installed Win 7, I was forced to chose something else. I installed Thunderbird v3.1. I made settings and worked well at first start (I set first time that Junk mails to be sent in Junk folder in Local Folders).
After a while I observed that some mails from my on-line inbox just arrive Local Folders/Inbox and fast disappear. I look in Junk folder and is nothing, in trash folder nothing. In log file is telling that the junk mail was moved in junk folder but there is nothing. After that I was looking in setting to remove junk mail settings but I was surprised to see that I unchecked and confirm the settings, but when I return back in settings every settings come back like before. I use more accounts and for each one It's making same problems.
I installed over again Thunderbird v3.1, the settings are still there like before but doesn't allow me to change the setting for Junk mails. Other settings are possible to change.
May anyone help me please?
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