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Roland Tanglao (Thunderbird Technical Support Lead) December 09, 2009 15:01

Kaspersky anti-spam extension causing blank window problems with Thunderbird 3 upgrade

For those of you that see a blank screen, from the reports we've seen so far it looks like the Kaspersky anti-spam extension is causing an issue in the Thunderbird upgrade.

If anyone is seeing a blank screen without the Kaspersky extension being installed (or without Kaspersky being installed on the system) please let us know in a new problem report.

It seems like the way to fix this is to uninstall 2.0. Remove the klthbplg.dll (90,5KB) and IKLAntiSpam.xpt (0,9KB) files from the empty components directory, and install 3.0.

We have filed a bug this:
and are working with Kaspersky on this

We will file updates here as we discover more
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