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I’m confused


I can't retrieve or send email because of this error message:
The Kerberos/GSSAPI ticket was not accepted by the POP server. Please check that you are logged in to the Kerberos/GSSAPI realm.

What does that mean and, how do I cure the problem? This is driving me crazy.

I called the provider and they said that they don't support Thunderbird and have no idea who Kerberos is and couldn't care less.

I used T-bird just fine until I upgraded to Windows 8. Talk about a bad decision.

Joe Graf
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  • sounds like your authentication method has changed.

    BTW Kerberos/GSSAPI is basically a windows domain login and you will only really see it used in business connecting to business mail servers. It does indicates your provider hires from the lowest common denominator when selecting support staff that they don't know it.

    Please post the troubleshooting information shown on the help menu (copy and paste) or at least the account part of it and we will try and work out where things are not right.
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