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Local Folders or My Account

Some time ago, all my new incoming mail switched to a new Inbox under my account, Previously all incoming mail had gone to my Inbox under Local Folders. I combined the 2 and put them in the Inbox under Local Folders.
1) Is it OK to have all mail folders under Local Folders?
If yes,
2) Can I delete all the empty folders under my account?

Thank you!
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  • However you like. Some folk like all email messages in one place, so there's no need to go looking for new ones. Others like them kept in separate accounts, possibly business vs private.

    I think you will find that even though your Inboxes combine into Local Folders, account-specific folders such as Sent, Drafts, Junk and so on will remain separate. I think that if they are empty, you could delete them, but they will re-generate when something arrives that needs to live in one of them.

    You can get virtual combined folders by switching to View|Folders|Unified.
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