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I’m frustrated

mail from another sender

I have a problem. Sometimes my e-mail shows that it is coming from one individual, when it actually is coming from someone else. I am thinking it may be concatenating several messages and I see only one. If that is not it, I don't know what it can be.
The first time I noticed this it was mail from LinkedIn network. I asked them about it, and of course they said it was my e-mail program. Today I got mail that was not LinkedIn related, that had the name of one individual (who I know) in the From box, and a message from someone completely different. Can you help? I hope that I am not the only person with this peculiarity.
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  • I’m confused
    I have the same problem, although the name that appears in the SENDER column is copied from the message that I had just viewed.
    1) Message list in Unified Inbox shows correct senders for messages
    2) Open a message to view in a new tab, then close it
    3) Message immediately below one just viewed shows wrong sender name in list.
    4) Open message with wrong sender name and it shows correct name in the message header
    5) Return to Unified Inbox list view and wrong name still shows
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