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I’m scared

My 'Stuff' Has 'Disappeared' - full report

Thunderbird 3.1.2 - Mac
I have been using Thunderbird for years - it's been fine
I love being able to create Templates (have about 100 - saves me a ton of time)
The last few weeks it has been acting strangely ...
1. It has forgotten the passwords for 2 (of 6) accounts - I have had to re-enter them each time ... after I have entered the Master Password
2. Not able to fully 'Quit' ... whether I select Quit OR Cmd+Q the program does NOT fully close and cannot. I have had to Force it to quit each time. This does not appear to be related to how long I have had the program open.

The main problem right now is that after I open the program my folders and emails are not visible (see graphic). NOTHING is visible. I know it's there because this same problem has happened half a dozen times this past week. I was able to fix by closing and re-opening the program. This time I have closed and reopened 3 times (and removed the master password just in case) and I still cannot see anything.
It doesn't matter whether I have Unified or All Folders checked.
I cannot right click on anything either - which is odd.
I can write emails (I sent myself a test email) and click Get Mail and click on the message notification (top right) as the email comes in and then read the email so I know it's working ....

I hope this is enough information
Thanks for any/all help ..
Miranda Castro, Gainesville
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