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I’m confused

Need help restoring everything!! (Upgrade Nightmare)

I had Thunderbird 2 running flawlessly for years - accidentally clicked the upgrade and now have a total mess to untangle. This while my web host and i were going to consolidate my email accounts to a single server. I want my former T-Bird 2 configurations back and it isn't happening easily.
Is there a way to work with someone in real time to resolve this issue? I would be glad to donate $$ or whatever - but really need to explain this in specific detail to get it resolved.

I use TBird as my primary email client - configured to log-in/retrieve/send my website-associated email accounts. This was always set to Not Leave Mail On Server, so all my
stuff comes to my Local Folders on the computers that it's installed on...

After this upgrade and then reverting back - I am getting password recognition issues - blocking me from things like allowing Security Certificate from
my webmail server.

Essentially there are these redundant elements like "unified folder" appearing with apparent duplication of my inbox email that i want to get rid of -- and my webhost and I cannot figure out why TB is not allowing a password entry for POP log-in to my webmail accounts - which i never had any issues with whatsoever prior to this. Password keeps getting rejected -- Server doesn't recognize my login ID info..etc. I don't know what the rejection issue is
about but it's basically forced me to bring in a laptop to log-in to webmail from another
program...rather than my main studio machine..

I did back up the Profile folder of TB3 to another drive.. I then dragged it back into the Library folder, downloaded and installed TB2 "over" the newer "TB3 Application" and
opened into the app. TB2 now seems to reflect some components of TB3.

If anyone would be willing to like, do an IM session with me to talk me through a resolution of this, i would hugely appreciative - it is just tough to cover all the specifics in a post like obviously i've already gone on far longer than the forum prefers ; ) Feel free to
drop me a line @
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  • Mike sounds like a minor upgrade has turned in a major hassle with everything you have done making things worse not better.

    I assume you are using a Mac O/S, something that I am not familiar with, however I will try and provide some assistance.

    Firstly, can we just stick with TB3, it has it's problems, but my memory for TB2 is getting very vague after not using it for years now.

    Install Thunderbird 3. Following the Kb instructions copy the saved profile back into the production copy and tell thunderbird where the profile is stored.

    You should now have a functional Thunderbird installation. Once you get to that point we can work out the other problems you are having.
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