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I’m desperate

no folders in left pane = no mail. Where is it gone?

Tbird has a strange behavior for some time. The problem is that some or all folders disappear in the left pane. This means I'm unable to access my mail (stored on my disc in the local files). This was OK until a couple of weeks, then some folders (the end of the list) started disappear. Today not a single one is left.

So unless someone can help very quickly, I'll have to switch to another mail client - and although I like many of Tbird features.

In the attached screen copy I show "all folders" but the same empty list appears for "unread" "unified" "preferred" recent" etc.

I quit Tbird and relaunched without success. I also rebooted the Mac without more success. I would like to throw away the "preferences" but I could not find it.
Note that the folders containing the mail (in User\Library\...\Cache\Metadata\Thunderbird are there and contain (apparently) proper data.

Apple MacBook Pro
MacOS 10.6.4
Tbird 3.1.
POP accounts.

Thanks for any help.
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