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I’m frustrated

Not pleased: IMAP sub-folders gone missing or mysteriously renamed in TB3

I use IMAP at work have an extensive set of folders, sub-folders, and nested sub-folders to organize my mail. I recently upgraded to Thunderbird 3. Since the upgrade I've created several new nested sub-folders (folders within an sub-folder). Randomly one day, after about 2 weeks on TB3, some weird stuff started happening.

For starters, some of these new folders are gone, possibly everything I created since upgrading to TB3. They appear in our corporate webmail, but not in Thunderbird. I don't know when they disappeared, but I have a feeling it was timed with crashes that occurred after the actions below.

One of these new sub-folders was mysteriously renamed. It was a sub-folder called "Solutions" under the sub-folder "Marketing" under my Inbox. After trying to move a message to this new sub-folder, Thunderbird crashed. When it came back up the folder was renamed "INBOX.Marketing.Solutions." I have tried a couple more times to move messages to this folder, but each time it tell me that folder no longer exists and then crashes. Each time Thunderbird crashes, the folder name gets longer! It's now named "INBOX.Marketing.INBOX.Marketing.INBOX.Marketing.Solutions".

I really like using Thunderbird, in fact I'm very pleased with a lot of the new features in version 3. But not the bugs. Version 2.X never crashed!

I really don't want to be forced to go back to Outlook since Outlook had major issues with IMAP, and Thunderbird seemed to work perfectly until.

Please help!
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