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nstmp files

I have been using Netscape then Thunderbird for about 10+ years now and want to move all the mail files onto a small office server from my old and slow PC so I can access the same version of Thunderbird files from 3 different PC's connected to the server. When I went to copy the m4s7oqs5.default file there was a coping error which states "Cannot copy nstmp-5: Data error (cycle redundancy check)".
When I check the Thunderbird folder I have 'acquired' lots of nstmp-1, -2, -3 etc files, none of which I have made. (I assume nstmp = NetScape Temp) Also the nstmp-5 file with the problem is identical to the nstmp-4 file, see screen images attached.

Is it 'sensible' to just delete all the nstmp folders (or files) as they appear just to be duplicates for my old inbox 2011, 2010, 2009 folders etc.

Also I appear to have have two master file for email, (the one I use) and where netcom was my very first internet service provides. however my old sent 2004, 2005, 2007 to 2010 folders are in the wrong master file (in the co-02 file). It is OK and safe just to move them into the one I use?

Thanks for your help
Brian Webb
(a Netscape / Thunderbird and Firefox die hard)
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