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Print Telephone List from Thunderbird Contacts

When I try to print out Thunderbird contacts as a simple telephone list, it reverts back to and prints out in a Card format. How do get around to printing a proper telephone list: I.E. Name then Number etc all on same line.
This is one reason why I have not gone over to Thunderbird from Outlook (2003) which is now quite crabby with Win 7, 64
I asked this question about 2 years back and was hoping this would have been resolved in new versions of Thunderbird.
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  • I'd have to give the same answer as you might have had before.

    Export the address book in question to a csv file, open it in a spreadsheet, separate out the relevant columns, print it from there.

    TB's Address Book is noticeably isolationist; it doesn't interact well with other programs and it is missing such features that would allow it to be a useful and productive PIM.

    It's a big ask though, writing an address book that can inter-operate with various other programs, across three major platforms (Win/Mac/Linux). :(
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