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Privacy issue - can't delete browsing history

Thunderbird 5.0 increased the size of places.sqlite to 10,240KB. I believe that stores a browsing history like Firefox does. I created browser.history_expire_days_min and set it to zero like I have in Firefox (I don't like Firefox recording my history either), exited, deleted places.sqlite, and restarted. It created a new places.sqlite of the same size without my having clicked a single link. I then exited, deleted places.sqlite, places.sqlite-shm and places.sqlite-wal and restarted. It did not create any places.* files. However, after I clicked on a link it recreated those three files.

I do not have global search/indexing or offline folders (synchronization & storage) enabled. Other than the quick filter toolbar I am trying to use Thunderbird 5.0 as if it was Thunderbird with less bugs.

How do I permanently disable Thunderbird recording my browsing history?

Why does that file even exist since I can't even view that history, and don't have bookmarks? I don't use any add-ons like ThunderBrowse or G-Hub Lite that do any sort of browsing.
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