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Problems reverting to TB 2 on Mac. Can you help?

I too want to revert to the TB 2 - I am totally Mac-based - accidentally updated to TB 3 and hate it. TB2 was perfect... I have read the threads about restoring - but they are sort of geared to Windows users. Nevertheless, Attempted to restore TB 2 using the mozilla kb instructions - backing up my profile folder to another HD first...then removed TB 3, reinstalled TB 2 and replaced the profile folder.

The problem was/is, after restarting, while the emails are there, there are still elements of of TB 3 - like "unified folder" was somehow still in the list(?) were elements of the sidebar that were in TB 3 - like the circular icon next to the account ID..

Can anyone give me a bulletproof way of getting TB 2 back the way it was - identically - (and without having to manually re-enter all my profile data, I am on OSX Tiger-10.4 if that matters -- part of the issue is- the backed-up profile folder from version 2...I only backed up the Profile folder after (accidentally) accepting the TB 3 upgrade (I meant to click "Later" or "Never" when the upgrade box kept popping up).

Thanks much for any advice on the simplest way to do this. I really appreciate you folks and the forum.
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