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I’m frustrated

Quick search functionality is degraded in current builds

In older builds the search box had a clickable option list, similar to the drop-down used to change default search engine in the Firefox search box. The unified Quick Search box in the current release is nice but you have removed the ability to do anything besides search all messages. This breaks functionality. Very often I wish to simply use the search box as a temporary filter to list only mail from a certain individual in my inbox, for example, so that I can perform an action on this mail. This used to be a single-click action: Choose the search action in the search-box drop-down, then type part of the name or subject of interest. This now takes 4 clicks and spawns tabs: Start typing, click on the desired match to open a new tab, click on the desired folder from the results, click on "must be in this folder", click "open as list". It works but it is tedious, and actions on the resulting list (file, delete, etc.) do not occur nearly as quickly as actions in the default mail folder view, and drag-drop to file messages does not work as the folders are not shown in search results list view. My only other option is to use the pop-up search dialog, which takes more clicks and is even more frustrating than the Quick Search.
Unifying the search box and search behavior is nice but you need to allow the option for alternate actions - perhaps simply by adding a link at the bottom of the results drop-down that appears when typing into the search box that says "Find (search term) in (current folder)" or something. That would restore the functionality without adding any additional UI, and would be much faster for some searches even if all it did was return a list view in a new tab. (Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.6; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100825 Thunderbird/3.1.3)
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