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Removal of picture content when forwarding

Usuing T'bird 12.0.1, An email is received with two picture embedded (not pornographic) when I press the Forward key the pictures disappear and are not sent in the outgoing message. How can I stop this happening ??

----- Original Message -----
From: W & L Reid
To: W & L Reid
Sent: Friday, May 11, 2012 11:44 PM
Subject: Fw: Computer Password

Should appeal to your sense of humour....

Always choose a memorable password!

We are all adults, and hope we all have a good sense of humor.
This was just too funny to not share.


A lady helps her man install a new computer.
Once it is completed,
she tells him to select a password,
a word that he'll always remember.
as the computer asks him to enter it,
he looks at his wife and with a macho
gesture and a wink in his eye, he selects
a word but he is annoyed with her reaction,
when he selects: penis.

As he hits "enter", to validate the selection,
his wife collapses with laughter and
rolls on the floor in hysteria .


The computer had replied:

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this problem