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Removing global inbox from an account on Mac

I am using Thunderbird 3.1.7 on Mac and for some reason, when I set up my account I didn't get the option to un-choose 'global inbox'. At that time I didn't even know about it. Now all my folders are all over the place and I want to add another account, but I know that the emails will all automatically go to the 'global inbox', which I don't want. How can I undo/change this? Will I have to reconfigure the whole thing from the start and lose all my emails? Can I somehow save/export/back up my messages before I do it? I read somewhere that I should have set up a pop instead of imap account but at the time I didn't know that. The Thunderbird help files for Mac aren't so helpful in this case so any tips would be warmly welcomed. Thanks everyone, greetings from minus 20 Sweden!
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  • The option to switch between global inbox and other options is here:

    Tools|Account Settings|...|Server Settings→Advanced

    ..but you will find this option is available only on POP accounts. IMAP accounts are fundamentally "outside" your computer, since all the folders reside on the IMAP server, so TB doesn't offer to munge them together. If you set up for IMAP then you wouldn't have been offered this option.

    Unified Folders view will give a virtual collective Inbox/Sent/Trash, etc, including both IMAP and POP accounts, but this is easily switched by View|Folders|All to a one-account-per-folder view.
    • Thanks for the answer! How can I re-set up my account as a pop account?

      Sorry to be such a technical loser but I really have no clue where to start. I really want to fix this and add another account to my email and I am willing to switch to pop but I need to know how and also I want to make sure I don't lose the emails which are in my inbox / sent items. Thanks again :)
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