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I’m confused

Save As Template

When viewing a recently sent email, I wanted to save it as a template to shorten future messages around the same subject and to the same recipient. I viewed it in the Sent Items folder in Local Folders. It had been sent using the Richard account.
File, Save As, Template seemed to save it somewhere, but where?
I checked in Richard\Templates. I have saved 8 messages there before, but none saved this month. None have the correct subject.
Looking a bit deeper, I checked the Mail sub-folders for Template files updated today. There are two: one in and one in Checking the account settings in TB, the first is the Richard account and the second is a separate account, whose incoming server is NOT talktalk but whose outgoing server IS talktalk (the default outgoing server).
If I look in Rich57\Templates, the only message there is dated 2009.
So where has my Sent message template been saved?
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