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I’m pissed

script errors

System HANGS; started 3-4 months ago and is getting progressively worse.
The problem appears to be one (or more) of the following scripting errors in Thunderbird:

Script: resource://gre/modules/XPCOMUtils.jsm:332
Script: resource:///components/nsPrompter.js:68
Script: jar:file:///C:/Program%20Files/Mozilla%20Thunderbird/omni.jar!/components/nsPrompter.js:471
Script: chrome://messenger/content/messengercompose/MsgComposeCommands.js:3950
Script: chrome://communicator/content/contentAreaClick.js:188
Script: chrome://messenger/content/about-support/gfx.js:158
Script: chrome://global/content/bindings/general.xml:0

Manual release to the scripting error, will return to system to normal working order

What is causing these errors?
How to take corrective action?

NOTE: system is fully patched; Superantispyware and ESET (antivirus) are running in background = possible INIT conflict?
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