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I’m frustrated

Send Button has disappeared

While I was writing a new email, the toolbar containing the send button disappeared. I have tried closing Thunderbird down and restarting, rebooting computer. Under the 'File' icon, the 'send unsent message' command is greyed out.
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  • To put the 'Send' button on the toolbar, first make sure you're in a Composition ('Write') window. Then right click the toolbar and select 'Customize'. In the window that opens, click on the 'Send' tool and drag it to the toolbar where you want it, then close the Customize window.

              →   Without the button, File > Send Now or Ctrl+Return will send.   ←
    If you're missing the Toolbar (the Composition Toolbar is only, of course, in a Compose window...), Go to View > Toolbars and 'check' the Composition Toolbar back (if the toolbar with View and so on is missing, Hit F10 to have it show up temporarily.)


    The Menu bar is the one with File, Edit, View, Insert, Options and so on.
    The Composition Toolbar is the one with the icons on it, 'Send', 'Spelling', 'Attach', and so on.

    You can turn the toolbars on and off and add or remove icons from them in both the main program and the Compose window the same way. Also in the Address Book and the bar above the message pane. Attempting to put a 'Send' button on the main program, or a 'Get Mail' button in the Compose window will get frustrating.
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