Setting up accounts

I have installed Thunderbird, but I am having a problem in setting up an account.
I used the Standard setup and Thunderbird as my default mail application
I wanted to use my Yahoo e-mail account.
Creating a new account, I provided name, e-mail address and password
The configuration was found in the Mozilla ISP database
I then tried to “create account”
Checking password took place and an error message resulted
“Configuration could not be verified- is the username or password wrong”
“Username or password invalid”
I tried a manual setup but still had the same results
I uninstalled Thunderbird and then carried out a new installation.
I repeated the attempt at setting up an account, but this time I tried my Virgin account, and got the same result of not being able to verify my password or user name.
I removed Thunderbird again, carried out a clean reinstall, and this time I tried my Hotmail account. Using this Hotmail account everything went through successfully and I received all of my e-mails from my Hotmail inbox.
During all of these attempts I have used the default setting, and have been particularly careful that I was typing the username and password correctly.
The fact that I have had success with Hotmail but not the other two accounts, would indicate to me, that this is not a hardware problem.
Can you help?
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