I’m SAD!!!

Setup Thunderbird in Canada for an Italian mail account, alice.it

I'm in Canada, and I have an Italian account (Alice.it mail).
When I was in Italy, it was working properly.
Now I tried to setup Thunderbird but it does not work anymore.
I'm using Cogeco.
I live in Quebec. How can I setup my Thunderbird to receive the mail?
I've heard about an addon: something like webmail.
Can you help me?

In italy I was using a connection from Alice.it
and I used:

POP3: in.alice.it
SMTP: out.alice.it

I tried to go to Cogeco but they couldnt help me, and I tried their settings, but it seems working only for Cogeco's mails.

Please, I DO need them.
I cannot use webmail..

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