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I’m frustrated and confused.

SMTP settings for Brighthouse

I've recently run into problems setting up my outgoing smtp server with TB 3.0.4. I can recieve but not send. I had been able to do so untill about two weeks ago. I have seen others with this problem on other web sites (some have resolved - but others haven't been able to do so. I'm using Vista Home Premium.

I am womdering if my situation is a bit different then some of the other users. (I am using a wirteless connection. I had a Comcast account and even though I've been with BH since Jan., I still get messages going to the CC web mail with the BH address. Also, BH doesn't want authentication, and even though I have none set, up I get a dialog saying the server doesn't support auithentication each time I load TB.

Having seen some others say they had to go back to TB 2, I've considered trying it, but am concerned if that would only make things worse.

When I change my SMTP settings, the authentication message doesn't change (like it's stuck in authentication mode).
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